• Anthropomorphism 1 Lino block print
    40 x 25 cm
  • Anthropomorphism 2 Lino block print
    40 x 25 cm
  • Anthropomorphism 3 Lino block print
    40 x 25 cm
Fiona Grace
Bachelor of Fine Art

While exploring the connection between humans and animals, I have mainly been looking at the physical connection between them, what makes us similar and what sets us apart, how we see our relationships with animals, and the evolutionary hierarchy we set ourselves on top of. Anthropomorphism is the projection of human traits onto anything, be it an animal, element or inanimate object, and from a young age we do this and fail to make the seperation between them. Several prints have been produced in response to this, each depicting a different character, who doesn’t exist but from the depths of our imagination, literally combining the facial features of man and animal, to create these fictional, creepy, emotionally guarded characters.