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Welcome to MADA Now 2012 Catalogue, showcasing the work of final year students in the Department of Design.

I would like congratulate the student committee members and the broader student body for their contributions to this catalogue and the associated exhibition. I would also like to thank the academic and visiting teaching staff, and the general and technical staff, whose contribution and commitment throughout the year has been invaluable.

The Department of Design has seen a number of changes in 2012 that have brought a renewed vigor and dynamism to the department. Much of this was brought about by the appointment of Professor John Warwicker, and Professor Mark Armstrong as the inaugural Mark and Eva Besen International Research Chair in Design.

As sustainability and social responsibility become key drivers across the economic and social landscape, the future will be very exciting for our design graduands. They are now charged with the responsibility of developing their design practice in a world that demands alternative design solutions and continual innovation.

I would like particularly thank our course leaders Gene Bawden (Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)), Selby Coxon (Bachelor of Industrial Design) and Jeff Janet ( Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts) for their tireless work in maintaining academic quality across their respective programs.

Congratulations to all our graduand students. We look forward to following their career successes and professional growth in the years to come.

Associate Professor Arthur de Bono
Head, Department of Design