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Visual Communication is an essential, expanding and ever-present component of our communication process. It is constantly adding to our visual landscape and contributes to a rich and seemingly infinite archive of contemporary imagery and thought. But, good communication design requires an independent and enquiring attitude; a capacity to rise above the fashionable and vacuous, and say something worth saying. The 2012 graduands of Monash Visual Communication have risen to the challenge, and produced a wealth of material that helps define their generation of designers as insightful, responsible, resourceful and intelligent. Their work, as evidenced in this catalogue, demonstrates their attitude to our discipline through all its component parts: typography, image, materiality, motion, narrative, sound, branding, colour, and above all, an ability to communicate. Wit and humour are employed alongside the serious and sombre. How each young designer calculates their design solutions is led by their own capacity to research, question and challenge a design brief; then marry their findings seamlessly with their own approach and independent skill set.

The strength of the Monash Visual Communication program is reliant on the strength of its teaching staff, namely Ned Culic, Brad Haylock, Warren Taylor, Sarah Jones and Pamela Salen. Alongside this small but dedicated team of full-timers runs an army of visiting staff, all of whom are drawn from the industry itself. We are incredibly grateful to the professionalism and creative breadth of our visiting lecturers; Paul Troon, Liz Cox, Dan Milne, Andrew Ashton, Tamara Jordan, Niko Spelbrink, Robyn Robbins, Sabrina Munafo, Janet Mills, Wendy Ellerton, Neil Minott, Saffron Newey, Adam Cruikshank, Kate Mansell, Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Benyi. I would especially like to take this opportunity to thank Regina Newey, whose 12 consecutive years of engagement with Monash has touched numerous illustration students and left them with a broad and enduring appreciation for the image.

It is also with considerable pride that we welcome world-renowned designer, John Warwicker as our new Practice Professor of Design. His caffeine-fueled enthusiasm, unapologetic insistence on quality, phenomenal knowledge and unbridled talent has irreversibly shifted the culture of our discipline at Monash from a quiet discipline in the suburbs of Melbourne, to one thrust into the critical light of a global stage. Here our graduands will perform; eager, talented and ready for the many creative challenges ahead of them. I wish them every success and look forward to proudly highlighting their achievements in years to come.

Gene Bawden
Visual Communication Course Coordinator

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