/ Multimedia and Digital Arts (Hons)

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Honours degree of Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Arts

Multimedia Honours year projects always have a strong emphasis on the medium of their choice. This year our two honours year students explore the two popular concepts that accompany the development of computer graphics: participatory experience and synthetic realism.

Jonathan Wong experiments with various applications of interactivity in games design to discover ways of incorporating procedural contents with educational process. He believes that play is an integral part of learning. Play makes study more enjoyable and immersive. He designs a system that encourages students to use interactive content as creative planning tools to enhance their problem solving skills. The interface is presented as a drawing board or canvas where users can reorganise predefined elements and view instant feedback.

Evan Luo presents a story of a young man who creates an imagination world to help him deal with his mundane existence. As an office worker, he goes to work in the morning, performs his repetitive tasks, and then comes home to escape into his imagination world where he experiences serenity and contentment. Combining images of everyday activities of an office worker and metaphors for an alter world, Luo attempts to present an apparent paradox where illusion is both his hope and struggle. Synthetic realism in 3D animation allows Luo to switch comfortably from one world to another - from reality of everyday activities to a land of fantasy.

Dr Trinh Vu
Multimedia & Digital Arts Honours Coordinator