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Department of Architecture

It is with great excitement that I introduce the inaugural graduand catalogue for the Department of Architecture.

Founded in 2008, the Department of Architecture is now realizing the ambitions of its program of study. Founding an architecture department at the dawn of the new millennium presents unique opportunities and interesting challenges. As our graduates will have to grapple with difficult problems not yet imagined, we embrace the challenges of the rapidly evolving contexts and structures of architecture and interior architecture practice and engage an educational framework that is flexible and nimble, able to respond to emerging and unforeseeable issues in the built environment.

The Department fosters design thinking that considers sustainability as an integrated set of social, cultural and environmental concerns. It joins with industry, government and the community in making a real contribution to society in Australia and internationally because it is able to lead in design speculation and both articulate the nature of architectural design and demonstrate the broader contributions of this design in shaping the built environment. Embedded in MADA, a unique context for the intersection of fine art, design, and architecture, the Department explores the creative act through meaningful engagements with making through both manual and digital processes. Deep, interdisciplinary explorations of materials, structural and environmental systems and construction, as embodied in the highest quality full-scale outcomes, provide a systemic understanding of the broader ramifications of execution, a unique platform for engaging with an increasingly interdisciplinary practice environment.

The projects presented here demonstrate a rigorous engagement with this pedagogic framework. They are testament to the graduating class’ ability to be global, progressive design thinkers.

The success of any academic program relies on the motivation and enthusiasm of the academic community- staff and students collectively pursuing innovation and excellence. The work presented in the catalogue embodies this shared ambition. I would like to sincerely thank the staff and students for their ongoing commitment and passion, the key ingredient in making this year’s outcomes a resounding success.

I would like to congratulate and commend the 2012 graduands. Your projects represent a great achievement and an important milestone for the Department of Architecture.

Diego Ramirez-Lovering
Head (A/g), Department of Architecture