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Interdisciplinary Design Studio

Interdisciplinary Design Studio celebrates the interaction and interrelationships of design and the arts.

As the design unit of the Bachelor of Visual Arts it promotes an ‘ideas’ based studio for mainly double degree students who are also majoring in Education, Business Studies and Arts.

The major focus of the studio is towards broad based research, maintaining a visual diary and projects towards innovative spatial, two and three-dimensional design.

Of the students exhibiting in 2012, Jessica Chu, Elizabeth Goethel, Emma Hunter, Kate Macdonald are from Education, Alice Leather from Business Studies, Georgia Hodgson and Eleanor Jackson from Arts. Jennifer Morgan is majoring in Visual Arts.

It has been enjoyable to work with these students over the past two years and to participate in their progressive development of individual interests and design outcomes.

Dr. Jen Butler
Interdisciplinary Design Studio Coordinator