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The glass studio at Monash has developed from a basic degree in craft and design, to applied arts, fine arts and research. The recent evolution of Fine Art into an open studio program will see the glass studio develop into a workshop that students from across the department, the faculty and beyond will have access to.

For some the glass studio will become a laboratory for material investigation by exploiting its rich vein of primal processes for all sorts of outcomes both formal and conceptual. For others it will remain a site where the mastery of a complex range of technical skills will facilitate the production of highly crafted and utilitarian objects. Others will combine both. It remains a site of enormous potential and I look forward to its continued evolution.

I congratulate Pamela Manning, our only glass graduate in 2012 and indeed the final graduate who will be majoring in glass. We applaud her commitment and great skill employed to realise her work.

I would like to thank those who have contributed to the glass studio this year: George Aslanis, Bethany Wheeler, Nadia Mercuri, Janeen Toner, Laurel Kohut and Brent King.

Professor Callum Morton,
Head, Department of Fine Arts