• New Terrain, Celestial Maps of The Southern Sky in Spring Etching on copper plate, lino cut
    59 x 62 cm
Pia-Therese Hams
Bachelor of Arts
and Bachelor of Visual Arts

This semester I wanted to continue to address map making and the context of this in printmaking practice, while also introducing new and exciting approaches and techniques. I am interested in both the scientific/informative nature of map making and how this is partnered with the decorative. My series, New Terrain, Celestial Maps of The Southern Sky in Spring, explores and maps the representations of the stars of the Southern Hemisphere in Spring. Each piece in the series describes a different representation: the precise, scientific information of the star positions, then a depiction of the European constellations sans stars, which represent the human construction projected onto the natural world and also mimics the layering practices that are a part of this project. Finally, the series presents the union of all representations, information onto projection. The techniques and materials I chose to work with support and emulate these concepts.