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Undergraduate course transfer within Monash University is a competitive process. If you are interested in transferring you must follow the University’s internal transfer process and apply using the course transfer application by the due date.

When you apply for course transfer you must continue with the requirements of your current degree until an offer of transfer is made – this includes re-enrolling in units for your current degree when required.

Course progression in MADA degrees is highly sequential. Depending on units you have completed at the point of the course transfer, your choice of unit may be restricted. This may add a semester or more to the length of your degree. If your application for course transfer is successful, the letter of offer will outline the expected length of your enrolment in the new degree. You are encouraged to discuss this with the SASU office prior to lodging an application during a course advice appointment.


End of year transfers are available for all MADA degrees.

Mid-year transfers may not be appropriate for all students due to the highly sequential nature of our studio units and the varied enrolments of potential applicants. We request that you attend a course advice appointment to discuss your eligibility. We will advise you of the progression implications and unit availability.

You will receive the outcome of your course transfer application via your student e-mail after the current semester results are officially released.

Note that the Bachelor of Architectural Design is available for end of year transfers only.

Entrance requirements

In addition to the minimum entrance requirements advertised on the University’s internal transfer process page, you must also meet the criteria listed below to be eligible to transfer into MADA degrees:

  • Completion of at least 24 points in a Monash University course
  • A minimum academic average of 50% with no more than one failure. In special circumstances, your ATAR score may be used if you fall short of the minimum academic entrance requirements. The academic average is the minimum requirement needed to be considered and depending on available places, a higher performance level may be required to be successful for transfer.
  • Applicants may be required to present a folio and attend an interview – interviews will be conducted in early December

Students will also need to complete additional entry requirements for specific MADA degrees as follows:

  • Bachelor of Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design
  • Students transferring from Interior Architecture will be required to attend an interview and present a folio. All other applicants will need to submit a pre-selection activity which will be provided via email after submission of a course transfer application. Course transfer applications must be submitted by 31 October and pre-selection activities must be submitted by 15 November. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to attend an interview in early December. Students wishing to transfer into the double degree of Engineering and Architecture are required to register with Engineering and complete the pre-selection activity and interview process with MADA.

  • Requires the completion of VCE Units 3 & 4 in any mathematics with a score of 25 (or equivalent). Students must obtain a minimum academic average of 65% with no more than one failure to transfer into the double degree.

  • Requires the completion of VCE Units 3 & 4 in any mathematics with a score of 20 (or equivalent).

Mathematics requirement

If the course has a mathematics requirement and you did not complete mathematics during VCE, you can meet the minimum requirement by completing any of:

  • Monash College
  • Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)
  • Monash University
  • Open Universities Australia
  • Please contact Monash College for details on their current offering of mathematics subjects.

    • Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1 & 2 – minimum 65%
    • Mathematics Unit 1 & 2 – minimum 50%
    • MAT1841 Mathematics for Computer Science I
    • MTH1010 Functions and their Applications
    • MTH1020 Analysis of Change
    • UNL32 Senior Mathematics: Students must show evidence of passing the exam

Credit for previous studies

If your course transfer application is successful, you will automatically be assessed and notified of available Monash credit in the letter of offer; you may however elect not to accept some or any of the credit to which you are entitled. For credit from non-Monash degrees, a separate application will need to be submitted. For details regarding credit processes and limitations please consult Credit for Previous Studies.

Double degree students

If you are currently enrolled in a double degree that includes a MADA award degree and you would like to only complete the MADA component of the double degree you can remain enrolled in the double degree and take an alternate exit. Please book a course advice appointment so we can advise you of your requirements.

If however you would prefer to course transfer out of the double degree and into the MADA component only, you must have achieved a minimum average of 50%, with normally no more than 1 fail, and a pass in all MADA units.

  • Double degree with Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Architectural Design
  • Transfers to the single degree are no longer available. Students will be individually advised on the requirements to alternate exit from the double degree with a single Bachelor of Visual Arts award only.

  • Students wishing to transfer to the MADA component of their degree, please note that a transfer may only be awarded into the four year Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. No mid-year intake available.

  • Students wishing to transfer to the Bachelor of Architectural Design from the double degree are not required to attend an interview or present a folio. No mid-year intake available.

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