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Academic progress for MADA coursework students is assessed at the end of each semester.

Mid Year

Early warning letters are sent to all students who have failed at least one unit in the previous semester. The purpose of these letters is to:

  • Warn students that they may be at risk of breaching the faculty academic progress rules
  • Inform students about the free support services available from the faculty and the University; and
  • Urge students to take immediate actions to improve their academic performance

End of Year

The academic performance of a MADA student over a one-year period is considered unsatisfactory when:

  • By the end of semester two, the student has failed more than 50% of their enrolled credit points for the year, or
  • The student failed the same core unit twice, or
  • The student failed to comply with any conditions imposed by the Faculty Board or Academic Progress Committee of the faculty.

Students are asked to respond to a Notice of Referral. This notice gives students the opportunity to explain in writing the reasons why their results were unsatisfactory. Students who receive this notice must reply by the due date and be available to attend a hearing, if required, with the Academic Progress Committee. A teleconference hearing may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Decisions made as part of this process include:

  • Permitted to continue with studies with recommendations
  • Permitted to continue studies with conditions placed on the students enrolment
  • Exclusion from the course or faculty.

Early Intervention

If the student commenced their course mid year their academic progress in their first year will be reviewed as part of the Early Intervention Strategy.

At the end of their first semester, if the student has failed at least one unit, they will be sent an Early Warning letter. This letter is to encourage the student to seek immediate assistance to improve their performance.

If at the end of their second semester, the student has failed more than 50% of their enrolled credit points in the previous two semesters, the student will be required to attend an Academic Support Meeting with:

  • Their Course Coordinator,
  • the Associate Dean Teaching and Learning and
  • the Manager of SASU

to discuss the student’s progress. It is essential that the student assesses the reasons for failing units and take immediate action to improve their academic performance. In particular the student can discuss any difficulties they are having and to be informed about the University services available.

The student cannot be excluded from their course as part of the Intervention Process.

Rules and Regulations

Information on the process and access to the online rules and regulations can be gained from the Unsatisfactory Academic Progress page.

Students must ensure that the University has current postal address details at all times, including the December to February period. Failure to receive University notices will not be accepted as a ground for appeal against exclusion. Postal addresses may be updated via Web Enrolment System (WES).

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