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This policy is to provide a guiding framework for the reviewing of results, where these have been challenged by students and is consistent with the Monash University Assessment in Coursework Programs Policy, and related policies, procedures, regulations and statutes.


This policy applies to all coursework units administered by MADA.

Fail mark verification

All students are entitled to receive feedback from the assessor; this feedback should include at the very least reasons as to why the work was not satisfactory and would ideally include ways of improving academic performance to bring the work to a satisfactory standard. If work presented for final assessment does not satisfactorily meet the set criteria and receives a fail grade, the work will automatically be double marked according to University Policy before it is returned to the student.

Review of satisfactory work

There is no automatic right for students to have a piece of assessment remarked. If a student believes that an error was made in the evaluation of their work, the student should follow the unit feedback procedure outlined in the unit guide and discuss the outcome of the assessment with the assessor.

Procedure for requesting review of assessment result:

If the student is not satisfied with the assessor’s feedback, the student may put a written request to have their mark reviewed by the Chief Examiner. In this written submission, the student will demonstrate the reasons why they believe the result was not appropriate.

The Chief Examiner will then determine whether reasonable grounds for a second marking have been established and if so, will then organise the remarking of the work by another assessor.The Chief Examiner will notify the student of the outcome of the case within two weeks of receiving the case in writing. Where the Chief Examiner was the initial assessor, the case will be reviewed by the Head of Department or delegate.

In all circumstances, where a student’s work is remarked because of an error, the last mark must stand. The Faculty will keep an electronic register of outcomes of reviews for audit purposes.

Monash University: Assessment in coursework policy

Monash University: Assessment regulations


For more information about the procedures for assessment moderation, review the Assessment Moderation Procedures (PDF, 65 KB)

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