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MADA provides a variety of services, including 3D prototype printing and laser cutting. This facility is not available during non‐teaching periods (mid-semester breaks excepted).

  • 3D Plaster Printing
  • Laser Cutting
  • The Projet660pro 3D Printer creates models in white or full colour, in a porous non-flexible plaster based material that is then infiltrated with stabilising 'glue'. The printer has a net build volume of x:250mm by y:380mm by z:203mm, but the maximum size model should not exceed 90% of the total build dimensions.

    The models produced are suitable for architectural models, design and sculptural concept models. Best outcomes are with forms that are of a more robust nature with minimal fine sections or protrusions.


    Consider the total volume as the cost of your print is based on the amount of material used. Reducing the size of your model will lower its cost. For larger models it is important to make the model hollow to reduce the amount of material (remember to create an opening so that excess core material can be expelled). Be careful when scaling your model down as this will reduce wall thickness to a value smaller than that recommended.

    Due to the fragile nature of a printed plaster model it is not possible to successfully print models that have very thin sections or thin, long protruding elements without a high risk of breakage. Please ensure that sections are no thinner that 2-3mm. For large areas of thin section it is advisable to strengthen with internal structure, e.g. ribs, fins or struts etc.

    How to Submit a File

    1. prepare your file in .stl format for white prints, and .vrml format for colour prints
    2. all surfaces must be continuous and without discrepancy – check your file with MiniMagics for errors, as any files showing any errors will be rejected
    3. name your file with:
      • student name
      • date of submission
      • the word 'Plaster' must be included in the filename
      i.e. DonJohnson_01.04.2015_Plaster.stl
      i.e. DonnaSummer_02.04.2015_Plaster.vrml
    4. email your files to

    After Submitting Your Files

    You will be contacted with the cost and the exact day that your prints will be available to collect. Submit files for printing by Tuesday 9am for collection on the following Tuesday between 10am and 11am. Printing of your model will not proceed until you have confirmed, via return email, that you agree with the cost and are happy to proceed.

    Proof of payment is required on collection of your print. Printing costs 50 cents per cubic centimetre and is to be paid online

  • A laser cutting service is available. For more information, please contact Technical Officer Vito Bila.

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