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Communicating road and track to other road users to communicate safety and place.

These projects look firstly at the development of safer road intersections to mitigate accidents. This work was undertaken with Monash Accident Research Centre (MUARC) under a project sponsored by VicRoads. The tram track sense of place research work was supported by the Brazilian Governments Science without Borders program.

The work speculates on a raft of potential communications through track and intersection that better enables way-finding as well as safety at intersections and creating a visual character to the city centre.

Liam Ferguson
Prof Arthur de Bono
Barbara Ramos
Diogo Poeira
Dr Selby Coxon

Track and Road Research
Track mapping in the city

Image: Barbara Ramos and Diogo Poeira

Track and Road Research

MADA researchers from varied backgrounds, including professional artists, designers, architects and theorists, work together to produce vibrant, innovative, creative research that addresses the social, economic and human issues facing Australia.

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