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Transforming the hospital-patient experience.

“Applying some of the same conceptual and communication approaches used by designers to alternate areas, such as healthcare, can help surface novel solutions to the complex issues of our contemporary world.” – Professor Daphne Flynn

Together with Monash Health’s Patient Experience Office, Health Collab is investigating how design thinking can be used to foster cultural transformation and improve patients’ experience in hospital.

The project aims to measure pre- and post-patient experience and clinical care outcomes in order to identify the elements of an exceptional care experience. With this knowledge, Health Collab and Monash Health will then implement a Patient Experience improvement project across ten high-priority wards.

Professor Daphne Flynn (Health Collab)
Tina Dinh (Health Collab)

Partner Organisation
Monash Health

MADA researchers from varied backgrounds, including professional artists, designers, architects and theorists, work together to produce vibrant, innovative, creative research that addresses the social, economic and human issues facing Australia.

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