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Exploring aging through video and virtual reality.

“Both Australia and South Korea are facing the challenge of an aging population. Using video and virtual reality, we aim to present some of the commonalities and differences of the aging experience in both countries, and identify ways this understanding might help us prepare for the future.” – Dr Cameron Rose

The Digital Bridges Network (DBN) links filmmakers and media artists in Australia and South Korea to explore social and community issues relevant to both countries. This first project will explore the experience of aging through video and virtual reality. It will investigate the common challenges aging populations face, and how we can celebrate the lives and legacy of elder Australians and South Koreans.

Dr Cameron Rose
Dr Indae Hwang

In partnership with
Korea National University of Arts

Funded by
An Australia-Korea Foundation DFAT grant

MADA researchers from varied backgrounds, including professional artists, designers, architects and theorists, work together to produce vibrant, innovative, creative research that addresses the social, economic and human issues facing Australia.

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