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A wide study on the advent of an intelligently connected driverless public transport system.

This project is one of a number exploring this theme in a variety of manifestations.

In this, the second century of ubiquitous travel, technology is at a tipping point where the privately owned car may well become a shared use highly connected and automated vehicle. The implications of this emerging mobility will be complex and as yet unforeseen challenges will emerge.

Autonomous vehicles and their integration into existing public transport networks is a pressing one in many countries, including Australia. This series of projects advances the MADA Mobility Lab work in this area.

Peter Wang
Kingsley Morgenson
Dr Selby Coxon
Prof Brian Fildes
Prof Geoff Rose

An Autonomous Driverless Public Transport
Autonomous public transport

Modular concept that enables transport operating companies to configure their vehicles to suit demand and types of service. Image: Kingsley Morgenson

An Autonomous Driverless Public Transport

Vehicles carry colour schemes that indicate routes through the city, particularly helpful to assist patrons to navigation through the city. Image: Peter Wang

An Autonomous Driverless Public Transport

MADA researchers from varied backgrounds, including professional artists, designers, architects and theorists, work together to produce vibrant, innovative, creative research that addresses the social, economic and human issues facing Australia.

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