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Degree: Bachelor of Visual Arts (Jewellery)
and Bachelor of Business (Marketing), 2014
Occupation: Marketing and Brand Events
Employer: Polperro Winery, Red Hill

Lori Hakim

I live and work in the most beautiful place surrounded by beaches and vineyards. My job is the perfect combination of business and creativity. Each day is varied and interesting. I could be assisting on a photo shoot, planning the week’s social media calendar, researching businesses to target for distribution of our wines, or thinking of the next big event to hold in the vineyard. Working for a small up–and–coming business has given me great hands–on experience and allowed me to work with some incredibly passionate and talented people.

Studying at Monash gave me knowledge and the confidence to follow my own path. I learnt a lot and built many different skills through my studies. Most importantly, I learnt how to think conceptually and manage different personalities in the workplace.

Lori Hakim

My most recent work is in this video. In my spare time, I have been learning how to facet stones at a lapidary club.

With an art, design, or architecture degree from Monash University, a world of opportunities, and the opportunity to change the world, await you.

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