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Senior Lecturer

Jan Bryant is based in Monash University's Department of Fine Arts (Theory and History).

Jan Bryant
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Research output

She has extensive experience in postgraduate supervisions of both practice-based and theory candidates and publishes articles on local artists’ work, and on contemporary art-thinking and practice. She also organises exhibitions of contemporary art. She is currently completing a book on art and politics in the 21st century.

Recent publications and exhibitions include: Chain of Mountains, an exhibition on painting, with Tamsen Hopkinson, TCB Art Inc., October–November, 2016; an essay, “The Oddity: Angela Brennan” 3-Ply publishing, 2017; catalogue essay, “Emily Floyd: Gulag Archipelago”, Telling Tales, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2016; a catalogue essay, “The Painterly” for Painting More Painting, ACCA: Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 2016; an essay, “Fiona Macdonald Means as Means” for Eyeline #84, 2015; an essay for Et. Al. For the Common Good, 2015, West, Groenewegje 136, Den Haag, The Netherlands; and a Discipline Lecture #6, “I plead guilty to the indictment of ‘avowed optimism,’” Gertrude Contemporary, July, 2015.

Dr Jan Bryant, Senior Lecturer
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