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Degree: Bachelor of Visual Art / Bachelor of Arts, 2013
and Fine Art Honours, 2014
and Postgraduate Degree of Professional Psychology, 2015
Occupation: Artist and Contemporary Jeweller
Employer: Phenix Jewellery

Alyra Bartasek

I’m inspired by the human body and trying to understand what it is about humans that make us unique. In particular, I am inspired by areas of the body that we might not always reflect on. This reflection, I feel, is required for a deeper understanding of who we are. I have taken to jewellery specifically as I like how it can engage with the wearer in a very direct and personal manner.

Monash encouraged me to consider my creative position on a critical level, and the lecturers – all practicing artists – encouraged me to be absorbed by the contemporary jewellery community. This enabled me to hone in on my artistic interest and I am most grateful for this.

Alyra Bartasek
Can You Hear The Value

With an art, design, or architecture degree from Monash University, a world of opportunities, and the opportunity to change the world, await you.

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