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Alex Martinis Roe started out at Monash as a Bachelor of Fine Art student and is now making a name for herself in international contemporary art.

Alex Martinis Roe

Alex combines research and practice to create intellectually engaging work that demands careful consideration and often engagement from her audience. Her installation pieces and performance art commonly explore feminism and its history, and how we, the audience, encounter an artwork.

An international perspective and a strong focus on art theory and research have driven Alex’s success since she completed her bachelor degree in 2005. Since then she has exhibited in Europe, Korea and Australia and also completed her PhD at Monash.

‘I have been living at Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin and using that as a base to work on various exhibitions and dialogic projects in Europe and Australia, including at Pallas Projects in Dublin, Bibliothekswohnung in Berlin, Artspace in Sydney, University College London and the Public School in Berlin, and at ACCA in Melbourne.’

‘The work I made for my solo exhibition in Dublin in 2011 was a real turning point for me. I managed, for the first time, to bring other people’s voices into an exhibition of mine, in a way that I felt I was happy with, in terms of its politics.’

In 2012 she was named one of two Samstag Scholars, an honour which has been described as a golden passport to success. The scholarship has propelled Alex further on the global stage by supporting her to undertake research as a fellow of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences, University of the Arts, Berlin.

Given her experience so far, it is not surprising that Alex’s advice for future students highlights the value of research, practice and international experience, echoing her own path of development as an artist.

‘I think that it is a good idea to study arts as well – a double degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts and Arts. And I think it’s really important to try and study abroad for part of that study.’

Alex Martinis Roe
A Box for Vertical Relations

Twenty-four borrowed library books by female authors who have had interpersonal and/or textual relations to the authors either side of her in the stack. 41.6cm x 36.7cm x 46.1cm

With an art, design, or architecture degree from Monash University, a world of opportunities, and the opportunity to change the world, await you.

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