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The works in this exhibition document a journey that weaves back and forth between the past and the present, between reality and desire, observation and perception, through an exploration of site, gender, narrative and memory. The associated research project traced a physical journey through a landscape of shared women’s bush painting camps, with that journey acting as a metaphor for an emotional journey in search of self: an unfolding towards my own inner landscapes of desire.

Each visual outcome reflects an intuitive response to an individual site, as mood, weather, the solidarity of sharing our women’s stories by the campfires, and echoes of other landscapes remembered, inform the works.

Memory and history combine in an exploration of the position of a white woman painting in this shared Australian landscape, as recollections of childhood associations with bush and desert, are melded with an awareness of Aboriginal culture and history that is scored deeply into the land — these converging influences have informed my perception of the bush and desert, and the framing of notions of belonging.

The (mostly) gendered spaces of the camps, with their sense of autonomy as we faced the challenges that are inevitably associated with isolated bush camping, offer a model of possibilities within women’s initiatives.

This exhibition comprises the practical component of Victoria Howlett’s PhD research.

Victoria Howlett, In Pursuit of Desirelines: A Woman in the Landscape (3-9 April 2014)
Victoria Howlett

Congratulations to PhD Candidate Victoria Howlett on the success of her recent exhibition In Pursuit of Desirelines at MADA Gallery.

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