• This Is Not My Room Film
  • The Boy Watches Cheese Before Being Sent to Hard RubbishFound hard rubbish televisions, VHS
    150 x 100 x 200 cm
  • Interdimensional Brawlers - Part 2 Mixed media
    150 cm
Thomas Schulz
Bachelor of Visual Arts

I often use sculpture as a tool to reflect and analyze events occurring in my life. I am fascinated by destruction, decay and loss, frequently visiting these themes in my work. I have recently attempted to explore the journey of discovering a sculpture. Another interest which has recently grown on me is the concept of the superhero mythos and how fictional characters can transcend their non reality to affect people in the real world, evolving from fictional heroes into historical icons people can look up to and rely on for support. I often try to combine elements of both movement and stillness into my works to create mesmerising atmospheres stuck in time.