• Bandaid Paper
    76 x 58.5 cm
  • Clan A Aluminium, foam insulation material
    160 cm, hanging
  • Stead Mixed media (installation view)
    Dimensions variable
Shannon Stanwell
Bachelor of Fine Art

A faun coloured, perforated leather glove rests, folded, near the edge of a white-clothed table. A chair, timber frame with grey coloured leather backrest and seat, is angled slightly askew of the others, facing the window, five more identical surround the table, pushed in straight. A heavy glass ashtray rests on a small tabletop by the window, empty, not more than three steps from the askew chair. The clothed table stands between the chair, the small table, the ashtray and the window. The floor of the room is approximately square, small, allowing little space around the raised rectangle of the table. A glass cabinet, parallel to the window and the table, marks the boundary of the room internally. A crystal swan with red bill simulates floating on the upper shelf of the glass cabinet, on the right hand side nearest the askew chair and doorway further right.