Fine Arts

/ Interdisciplinary Design

Elizabeth Goethel

  • The Toe Cracker
Elizabeth Goethel
Bachelor of Visual Arts

Being a classical and modern dancer as well as a dance teacher, my works are influenced by my passion for dance. Just like dance, my designs have a certain amount of precision and crisp to them. Furthermore with a loving compassion towards teaching and working with children, I like my works to be clear, delicate and easy on young eyes. My featured work, “The ToeCracker” illustrates how ballerinas lead unglamorous daily lives of discipline and routine, yet this is only revealed when we see beyond the satin shoes.

Over the last two years I have enjoyed discovering new artists and designers and drawing inspiration from them. These artists include Oska Schelemmer and his drawings from The Triadic Ballet, to Henri Toulouse-Lautrec with his frilly Moulin Rouge dancers. I also enjoy the work of architectural designers Frei Otto, for his unique tensile structures and Santiago Calatrva, with his stretchy constructions.