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MADA Gallery is the public face of Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) and is dedicated to exhibiting excellence and achievement.

Exhibiting art and design of the highest standard with an emphasis on excellence as a result of research, MADA Gallery is utilised as a teaching aid for the benefit of the students and staff from the faculty along with the wider community. Work exhibited emphasises the high quality of art and design demanded and expected by the faculty and therefore reflects the university’s strengths in research and cultural production.

Applications are open to MADA HDR alumni, MADA artists in residence, and internal projects curated by MADA academic and professional staff. Exhibition proposals should aim to highlight excellence resulting from MADA teaching and research, and address relationships between MADA disciplines and current critical debate. In your application please provide:

  • Cover Sheet
  • 1 x A4 page with a detailed description of your proposed exhibitions background, theme, concept and rational; a visual description of the exhibition; a description of the relationship to the site.
  • 2 to 5 images (300dpi quality) relevant to the concept of the exhibition (emailed or provided on disk)
  • Invited artist(s) and/or curator(s)
  • Proposed external/internal funding bodies
  • Preferred timing, i.e., to coincide with an event/conference, Open Day, Orientation Week
  • A brief CV (half page per person max) of the person/s applying

Please e-mail applications to

Monash University
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