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The invisible communication, space and energy between you and an environment.

Often, these messages tell you something you may have forgotten, in many ways reminding you of your intrinsic self. Often, on a vast scale, they remind you of how big the universe is, and how small you are. Often these images help to put things into perspective, or simply keep you wondering.

It’s often easy to lose sight of what matters. Not meaning to speak for all, we often get so caught up in our lives, our jobs our anxieties, our expectations, that we are at a loss for meaning. The metaphysical ambiguity, you could say, in the universe, in space, in objects, in nature and in people can be overwhelming. When you let go and immerse yourself in the present you feel that as incomprehensible and vast as it all seems, you’re content with not knowing all the answers.

There is an importance in the imagination and the dialogue of story telling worth nourishing. The imagination of illustrators, children’s book authors… Specifically the works of Shaun Tan and Dr Seuss. Where the mysterious world unknown is almost as important as our reality. I once saw Shaun Tan speak. He spoke about the reason people use animals a lot in children’s books. They’re humble, honest, naïve, communicate instinctively… he said. Non- burdened by the ambiguity of human thought.

Sophie Louchart

Monash University
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