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Embodying ephemeraliiy into perpetuity

Studio aim: The aim of this studio is to reimagine an ephemeral but also perpetual future for redevelopment of South Melbourne Market. We tackle possibilities for embodying ephemeral concepts, such as boundary, flexibility and human sensory and transforming them into a realworld project, commissioned by City of Port Philip.

This project will be achieved throughout two phases;

Phase I: Reading and representing the site history, the culture of the context and physical condition of the site. This phase will result in mapping and diagramming practices representing understanding of the site and its historical, cultural and physical context.

Phase II: The design phase where the understanding of the context along with the brief provided by Port Philip City will be used to redevelop the market. In this phase design strategies, such as intervention, insertion and extraction will be explored to embody the ephemeral concept and respond to the brief proposed by the City of Port Philip. Students’ design outcome will be exhibited at Monash University as well as South Melbourne Market.

Isun A Kazerani: PhD Arch (Melbourne Uni), Leader/tutor, (Melbourne Uni, Swinburne Uni)
Joshua Haddad: Senior tutor (Melbourne Uni), M.Arch (Melb Uni), MLA (Harvard Uni)

Studio times: Wednesday, 2pm-8pm

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