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The proposed unit, Suburban Dreams, has students research and design new dwellings for a familiar ‘middle suburban’. In particular, students will research international and local, as well as past and present co-housing models, and will be challenged to combine elements of from the formal characteristics of suburban housing with the intensified programming associated with international co-housing models. Something familiar or a strange neighbour?

Freestanding, single-family dwellings—oft-portrayed as un-environmental and poorly designed—represent a majority of new homes built today. It is into this environment that students will be asked to introduce new kinds of housing types that far better address contemporary issues of gender equality, affordability, sustainability and an overall improved urban environment. Drawing on the work of the artist Howard Arkley and architect Peter Corrigan, students are not to disregard in its entirety the legacy of the ‘Australian dream’ but to evolve it to better reflect those most left out that ‘dream’.

By inserting denser architectural models with open systems that intertwine and interact with each other and the local fabric, participants will encounter the idea that there could exist a fractalization of the urban form. The intention here is not Metabolism but rather to explore the possibility of a responsive architecture that reflects the complexity of the contemporary city and its people, as well as one that negotiates the increasing desire for new sustainable and alternate models of living within an ever increasing open source economy.

Participants will learn to resposd to briefs in rapidfire succsession and design in constant negotiation. Design driven by social, contextual and analytical research to formalise speculative building types.

TUTOR: Luca Lana
TIME: 1:30-4:30 Monday and Thursday

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