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Bogong Village is a rare place in Australia, a mountain village built to house the workers who in the 1940s built the first stages of North East Victoria’s Kiewa hydroelectric scheme, including the monumental Junction Dam.

Through a series of esquisses the studio teaches a series of design processes and observational techniques including; composite photography as collage, observational drawing, serial model making and processes of abstraction that will be applied to the task of designing small to medium scale architectural works.

In March students will stay two nights in mountain accommodation while on a three day, two night excursion to Bogong Village, offering close interaction with and observation of the village environment and alpine landscape beyond. There we will identify and document potential sites, and propose architectural interventions with a view to developing in studio a series of architectural projects sited within the village environs.

Proposed excursion date: 16-18 March. Accommodation and transport cost approx. $310 TBC.

Architecture Design Studio 3
Dianne Peacock & Marc Dixon
Monday and Thursday 2-5pm

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