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How do we design for the future when we don’t know what the future will be?

Current developer driven apartment design in Melbourne threatens to leave the city with a legacy of unrentable, unliveable high rise slums or disruption and waste from wide spread premature demolition.

How can a typical market apartment block adapt and change to ensure its relevence for future inhabitants? Who will the users will be and what will they want and need?

This studio will explore metamorphosis as an architectural proposition. Like caterpillars destined to become butterflies, projects such as Elemental’s ‘Quinta Monroy’ and Kikutake’s ‘Sky House’ leave the drawing board resolved but incomplete. Their futures plotted but not certain. This studio will examine their resultant iterations for clues as to how buildings evolve at the hands of their subsequent authors.

What ways can a complex structure change over time? Can a building prempt and direct its future forms and functions? Can it adopt a completely new, cohesive identity?

The precedent analysis will be paired with more abstract explorations into the architectural possibilities of change in mid rise apartment blocks. We will develop new typologies that meet the limits of Melbourne’s property market but simultaneously subvert them to provide more resilient and relevant forms and configurations.

...growing, shrinking, multiplying, dividing, hitching, coupling, grafting, overlapping...

The end is just the beginning.


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