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- new models for public buildings -

The studio seeks to explore the good, the bad, the ugly and the future of public architecture. We are surrounded by successes and failures of infrastructure which have defined our communities, neighbourhoods and memories. Utilizing a new suburb in the centre of our city as our architectural playground we will learn from our neighbours and thrust upon the Docklands our vision for the future. Think daring monumental gestures alongside pedestrian scale interventions, like a choose your own adventure novel, you can choose your path, define your brief and develop your model for the future of public buildings.

Core Design Interests
- public buildings past, present and future
- critique of public buildings and spaces in our urban environment
- activation of public domain
- architecture as a catalyst
- nothing is too small or too large

Architectural representation and exploration
Students will investigate public architecture and spaces, researching, reviewing, redrawing and remodelling in order to understand the spatial and physical elements of architecture and the public domain. Students will visit prominent Melbourne Architecture throughout the semester. Physical models will be required and students will be required to transfer between digital and physical representations of process led investigations.

Studio Structure
We will spend the first third of the semester collectively mapping urban conditions relating to public space and buildings, through specific research including field trips to Docklands and self led trips to Melbourne neighbourhoods and public buildings. This micro and macro information will be presented in the form of catalogued plans, diagrams, photographs and models and will help us to develop our masterplan for Docklands. Using this information we will then define project briefs and develop new models for public buildings and infrastructure.

Key studio projects will be;
1. Public Pavilion - design esquisse
2. Mapping urban conditions relating to public space and buildings
3. Masterplanning Docklands
4. Public building / infrastructure for self-determined brief and site in Docklands
5. Consolidation of overall proposal and exhibition

Students will be encouraged to question the brief and how architecture interacts with the public throughout the semester.

Architectural Playground - Docklands
Studio time - Wednesdays 2pm onwards
Studio Leaders - Hannes McNamara and Daniel Yusko, MUSK Architecture Studio
Note - A number of classes will also be held in our studio in Docklands throughout the semester.

Image credit: Jan Senbergs, Melbourne capriccio 3, 2009


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