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The studio will draw on field conditions (Allen, SANAA, CAt et. al.) to explore connectivity, diversity and porosity through proposals for an urban site and key transport hub in Kobe, Japan.

Mirroring the marbleisation of Kobe beef, we will design dynamic fields that integrating meaty differentiated activities and sinuous connective tissue within a pliant porous continuous yet heterogeneous system.

We will conduct fieldwork in Japan and collectively develop urban strategies with Japanese colleagues. Resulting strategies will provide a context for individual design interventions. Participants will work in different teams to produce a package of provocative urban proposals and individually produce articulate architectural projects that reflect the operation of key ideas across multiple scales.

The studio will construct stimulating speculations as catalysts, engage with complex conditions and constituencies, explore ideas through proposals and projects, and pay careful attention to presentation and the multi-media communication of ideas.

Our design explorations will combine Japanese architectural and urban developments with global discourses and practices.

The studio will be paired with a Japanese architecture Studies Unit and a required three-week research trip to Japan that includes a workshop with partners at Kobe University as well as extensive travel to examine Japanese exemplars. Since the Japanese fieldwork, costing approximately $2000, is supported by an Australian government AsiaBound Postgrad Scholarship that is limited to 10 AU citizens or PR holders the studio is limited to 10 AU students.

Explorations will be tested in the Japanese context while generating work to expand the field...

ARC4/5002 – Ari + Evie

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