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The introduction of affordable storage batteries for solar power and grey water treatment has the potential to change the way buildings are connected to the infrastructure that they currently rely on and disrupt the relationship individuals have with service providers. As it has the potential to influence the infrastructure of power generation, power lines and plumbing can we imagine a potentially new architecture and urbanism.

Often the desire to live sustainably is a life style choice that is promoted, marketed and sold. How can architecture communicate our ideas and the potential of our designs to a diverse audience.

Program - Two residential buildings will be developed for different clients in sites of diverse climatic conditions.

Ambition - The new building will need to generate a positive amount of energy and water whilst creating a powerful architectural image. Through an iterative process the students will be expected to explore the design of the building, it's broader architectural intentions, analysis of it's performance and communicate their ideas.

Analysis - Architectural design today is scrutinised to ensure compliance with building codes, sustainability performance and council planning requirements. Using advanced methods of assessment, critiquing, assessing and representing the results the projects will explore how to communicate the benefits of the project to interested parties.

Fabrication - Ideas of pre-fabrication and construction will be explored that will be tested in physical models using a range of manual and digital tools. Students projects will not only embrace the role architecture to communicate ideas but propose new solutions for the production and consumption of energy. A positive energy to respond to contemporary challenges.


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