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Infrastructure such as the CityLink can be seen as a contested space that both divides and joins the city (proposed and existing) with the suburban hinterland.

The spatial requirements and constrains of metropolitan infrastructure is often in sharp contradiction with local urban users and their desires. When metropolitan infrastructures start to align or intersect with each other a different demand on the immediate spatial surroundings becomes apparent. The combination of these metropolitan types of infrastructures creates conditions that are unconstrained by familiar architectural languages of its neighbouring suburbs. Thus a creek is crossed by power lines, is abutted by a railway station, while a highway runs overhead. This studio will investigate and propose architectural design ideas for these ‘bundled’ spaces and its potential users.

The CityLink that physically connects Melbourne to the rest of the world is one of these increasingly contested spaces and crosses over with other metropolitan infrastructures such as railway lines, creeks, pipes and power lines, other highways and public parks. With the proposed intensification and development along its route, such as Fisherman’s Bend, Arden-Macaulay and Essendon Technology Precinct, the highway becomes more than the connection to the airport. Design opportunities are sought along the length of the corridor to connect the metropolitan to the local.

3002 Studio 6
Architecture and the City
Time: Monday 1:00-4:00 pm and Thursday 3:30-6:30 pm
Tutor: Rutger Pasman

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