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Aggregate of Dreams explores generative techniques through both digital and analogue algorithmic systems models to explore new typologies of collective housing for the c.b.d.

In parallel, we will develop qualitative lens for critiqing these “systems” approaches through observation and precedent, focussing on the Void as the operative device.

The 1960’s to 80’s provide a plethora of beautiful social housing models that engender a lost golden age when housing was a public affair, but are simultaneously a decaying social experiment, that failed to integrate decline as well as growth.

We will exploit the legacy of early social housing, through the lens of the void, critiquing the triumphs and failures of their social ambition throught their formal typology and their utopian narratives.

Participants will learn skills in producing variation through Python scripting within Grasshopper, and City-Engine. We will use recursive aggregative procedures to generate formal models for critique.

Generative work offers us variety and difference. How then, do we critique what is good? No scripting experience is necessary.

Tutor: Peter Charles

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