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This studio will be a wild ride into the unknown in search of new design perspectives.

The studio is set within a post-apocalyptic world where the Ebola vaccine, although initially effective, has long-term adverse effects and transforms large swathes of the world's population into zombies. The premise is based loosely around the amazing graphic novel and TV series, The Walking Dead'.

Melbourne is overtaken by the virus and people are driven out of their homes. Traditional lines of communication such as television, radio and internet break down and people scramble together haphazardly to form self-organised and makeshift communities. Beyond the initial need to simply survive these people and the communities they form start searching for deeper meaning in their lives as they form new relationships and look for new purpose in a world in disarray.

The studio will begin at this point where the virus has spread, society has broken down and new communities have just started to self-organise. The studio will be fairly open in its format but will cover two main themes:

Zombie urbanism
Ideas about self-sustainability will be explored, as well as how design can enable productive and happy communities. The brief allows for a different perspective to established and challenges traditional concepts about 'good urbanism'. Concepts such as permeability, walkability etc. will be reassessed in the context of rampaging zombie herds.

Improvisation and functionalism in architecture
Students will be encouraged to think not just about what the architecture does and how it is made but also where materials and energy are sourced from, and how to do more with less.

Although the studio premise is unrealistic, the intention is that the radical nature of the brief will help students think about new perspectives as to how they approach design which may in fact be incredibly practical.

Zombie Urbanism
Richard Blight & Alastair Flynn
5:30 - 8:30pm, Mondays and Thursdays

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