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studio 1
The first part of the semester will be designing transformations to the Monash Library towers.

studio 2
The second part of the semester will be dedicated to making an object starting from a digital file and using a digital router. This will be from a component out of your design in Studio 1

• The class starts as an investigation into a part of architectural history and theory to do with BRUTALISM to then shift into design.
• Libraries have changed since the Monash library was build. Books have to share attention with other media and libraries have also the obligation to become a social hub.
• There is an East and a West tower. Both will have to absorb extra library functions currently out of place in the existing building or not available. The two towers have to remain an integral part of the Library.

• The production of architecture is no longer a matter of new construction only. The Transformation and reprogramming of existing buildings becomes more and more an important issue touching onto sustainability

A design studio with Daniël Van Cleemput for 2nd year architecture students
Monday and Thursday 1:30 to 4:30

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