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Brief: Airport Passenger link + Business Hotel, T4 Tullamarine

The studio will look at the designated area or parcel of land opposite the new T4 Tiger Terminal Tullamarine. The airport passenger link shall extend from Terminal 4 to the hotel site over the existing service road.

Aim: The Studio will investigate and propose a new Tiger Airways Business Hotel with facilities and elevated pedestrian link as part of the new terminal.

We will be investigating how the airport creates a division between land and air travel and how the concept of travel, set borders and transfers have developed and changed over time. This flexible nature of ‘boundaries’ will be explored with the notion of the business hotel, which will connect, to the terminal T4. The studio shall look at how one may contribute to the urban fabric of the airport and to the notion of the ‘art of travelling’ or ‘doing business’ in society now.

The history of hotels is intimately connected to that of civilizations. Facilities offering guests hospitality have been in evidence since early biblical times. The Romans built mansions to provide accommodation for travellers on Government business and they were the first to develop thermal baths in England, Switzerland and the Middle East.

These ‘Valued facilities’ will be developed throughout the semester. Hotels have also pioneered design concepts such as the en-suite, spa baths, televisions, swimming pools and even the telephone and the studio will look at future propositions within the set brief. In such a program; the immediate business hotel at the airport may be a place where the businessperson may or may not even enter the city of Melbourne.

Site: adjacent Terminal T4, Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

Outcomes: The students shall explore and investigate form generation through a series of design iterations or studies which shall be conducted throughout the first 5 weeks of the semester and run parallel to the studio’s investigation of hotels, Airports, artificial environments and solar power in group research assignments.

Progress made shall be in the form of weekly presentations and work shall be conducted in Rhino, Photoshop, CAD and / or illustrator. Verbal presentation and class contribution via discussions and feedback is important here. The students shall test their ideas via model making and well as developed graphic layouts.

The students shall investigate the design and planning of airports, business hotels including the individual planning of hotel rooms / suites, business facilities, transit environments such as public airport lounges and car parking.

The business hotel building may be explored here as an artificial environment conveying status, technology and culture while at the same time dealing with notions of vertical travel and contemporary business exchange.

Tarmac Airport Hotel
Studio Leaders: Anna Nervegna / Toby Reed

Anna Nervegna and Toby Reed are directors of Nervegna Reed Architecture, which has won awards for architectural design and for their documentary on Edmond and Corrigan. They also have recently completed 10 documentaries for the The Future is Now exhibition for the RMIT Design Hub.

They both have taught design studios at RMIT University, University of Melbourne and MADA previously.

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