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This studio will be broadly investigating what role architecture can play in the future of regional areas and towns?

Studio Context
The studio seeks to build Monash’s ongoing engagement with regional areas as seen in the Kinglake and Stawell Steps projects and extends from current design research being undertaken in the Tasmanian coastal town of Triabunna and municipality of Brighton. The studio offers a counterpoint to the focus on the future of our growing city centres by examining and thinking about the concurrent issues that face regional towns and areas including;
> the loss of, or significant changes in industry
> contemporary demographic shifts (including aging populations and population shrinkage)
> the ongoing effects of climate change.

Core Design Interests
The studio will consider the various issues facing regional towns and areas and support architectural design projects that develop and extend from a number of core design interests;
> sourcing design strategies from the local,
> re-framing and revealing existing hidden or under-presented assets of places, > redefining the urban engagement with the landscape,
> strengthening connectivity,
> facilitating social exchange between residents, visitors and different generations,
> seeding new economies,
> strategic staging of projects over time.

Regional Futures
...a design studio with Ross Brewin

The studio will be divided into 3 approximately 5-week sections. The first will be focussed on careful observation, documentation and analysis of the particular town or area being studied, along with the initial development of a responsive urban scale design strategy. The second section is where students will develop up a particular part of this strategy in more material and tectonic detail, with final 5-week section being focussed on the consolidation of the overall proposal and it’s presentation.

NOTE: The studio will involve travel to rural and regional areas in Victoria and possibly Tasmania for those interested / able.

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