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Materials have aesthetic and structural behaviours, but they also behave urban-ly: they come from somewhere or they are made somewhere; they suit certain types of buildings and not other; and their repeated use causes them to be identified strongly with the character of particular places and times. This studio will study this idea through the material of clay.

We will begin by carrying out in-the-field research in suburbs of Melbourne collecting and documenting types of things that are the outcome of clay manufacture. This will include clay-pits, kilns, chimneys, brick- making machines & moulds; bricks, tiles, pipes, pots & gargoyles; walls, arches, chimneys and drains..

Students will also visit working Victorian brickworks and potteries to study the techniques of manufacturing clay- wares with the idea that students will be experimenting hands on with clay - designing, making and firing bricks, tiles and other clay products as part of the design process. Students will design amongst other things:

• the manufacturing facilities for a brickyard / pottery including the clay-pit & kiln
• a catalogue of original custom made bricks and clay-wares
• types of buildings to be designed and constructed from this customised catalogue

Geology ~ Pottery ~ Typology
Tutor: Laura Harper
Times: Monday 1.30-4.30, Thursday 5.30-8.30

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