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The basis of this studio is to explore how architectural design can contribute to the development of Melbourne’s future city. It takes a real problem as its starting point – the employment clusters proposed in the current metropolitan strategy Plan Melbourne are ill-defined zones composed of centres that lack any architectural ambition. They are earmarked for development in their current low-density suburban contexts, yet they are intended to become highly intensive urban environments which will direct and reshape the growth of our city. But what exactly does this mean for our profession and our city?

The studio brief is to speculate on what these uncertain terrains should become: what kind of employment will they accommodate? what level of growth should occur? how many people will live there? what other mix of uses, amenity and services will be needed? how will people get there? In short, you will be required to explore what kind of urbanisation is appropriate in these particular locations, propose an alternative future condition and demonstrate how the transition to these ‘future cities’ would take place through architectural design.

The studio will be entirely driven by an exploration of architectural design instead of endless urban diagrams. Your analysis and research should emerge through architectural propositions. You will be encouraged to experiment with new design outcomes, to challenge conventional building typologies and programmatic mixes. The type of architecture you pursue will be up to you, the condition being imposed is that they are related to employment clusters and that they set an ambitious precedent for future growth of our city.

As a final year student, you will be exposed to current planning and urban development issues which will have relevance in your future professional careers. Through your design work we will be asking you to form an opinion about contemporary architectural practice, what role you think architecture plays in the development of our cities and ultimately what kind of contribution you will make as an architect. We invite a challenging and intelligent dialogue that will enrich the development of your projects.

Studio leaders: Rutger Pasman + Lee-Anne Khor

with inputs from: Nigel Bertram, Shane Murray, Diego Ramirez- Lovering, Deborah Rowe, Byron Meyer

Monash Architecture Studio (MAS)
Time(s): Wedndesdays 4pm (TBC)
Location: TBC

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