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The interaction with media/culture has a long and storied presence within architectural discourse. These interstices may provide models, inspiration, and critical understandings.

Imagined edifices in prose and poetry provide oneiric, Jungian archetypes for architectural manipulation. Film provides a corresponding set of methods and models. These fertile cultural intersections are hallmarks of an embedded anti-autonomous site of production.

This studio considers a third lens, one that augments the existing text/film pairing. This is the lens of the narrative/immersive model of the contemporary computer game.

This studio investigates how these environments differ from existing, conceptions of games and game-playing. It seeks potential in their capacity for simulation, transgressive or subversive narratives, unexpected or emergent behaviours, the communication of affect, emotion, and other intangibles, as well as their capacity to communicate concurrent states, stories, and situations.

The studio will not involve the design of a game-space – rather, it will investigate how game-spaces might can be used within contemporary practice. The studio’s focus will consider the ‘ideal house’ or the ‘house of the future.’ Students will examine a select survey of such projects, then project this thinking forward – to design both a potential house of the future, as well as an accretive ‘neighbourhood of the future.’

In this condition, game-spaces and gamerly thinking will be used to investigate the ephemeral and peripheral aspects of these projects – the socio-political contexts, implicit narratives, economic assumptions, the sensory and emotive textures of spaces-as-inhabited. While the design task is a dwelling – the medium of communication is charged with gamerly thinking.

Tutor: Tom Morgan
Mon 2-5pm | Thurs 2-5pm

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