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A design studio with Daniël Van Cleemput for a new High School at Melbourne Docklands.

Curiosity toward the future will be required for this studio. The participants will be asked to make a highly speculative design.

The site, at the end of a Melbourne Docklands peninsula and under the Bolte Bridge, will require a design partly build over water.

How different could a High School be compared to the one’s we have? How can it cater for all people living around the bay with easy access to the water and how about people living up the river? Can we rethink ways of transport?

How to dissect the site into components and can some of the existing elements be upcycled / recycled into the new design?

“The difficulty with beauty is that it puts an overtone on the visual. This contains one of the largest problems for architecture. When Form becomes this important buildings become graphic signs. It ignores a building’s organisation and the physical experience of the elements of which Architecture is made.” Thom Mayne, Morphosis

By finishing this studio you should have, once again, widened your view on Architecture away from it being visual spectacle to material reality.

ARC4002 Monday 1:30-5:30

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