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Since their extensive emergence in the late 18th century, at the time of the 'Grand Tour', hotels have been subject to many fantasies and projections, as a rich literature and film history demonstrates.

After a phase of exclusiveness, the type of the hotel reinvented itself and diversified, to cover the changing needs of a progressively varied clientele.

Nowadays hotels differ strongly, depending on their location, the kind of tourism they attract and the expectations of their guests. The relation between private rooms and public areas, but also between the latter and exterior surroundings, offer potential for rich spatial experiences.

The hotel, as a special form of collective housing, combines individual and common spaces, exposed and hidden places, in a varied spatial network. It is a place of exchange, but also of retreat, a place of recreation but also of representation, combing thus in a first reading very contradictory qualities and demands.

It is a strongly anchor anchored in place, since visitors chose it as destination. At the same time it has to respond to needs of visitors from all around the globe. The conciliation of such complex and conflicting requests demands sensibility in design and a subtle orchestration of publicness and privacy.

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Markus Jung

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