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Contemporary Art Complex intersected with the ASX (stock exchange center) and digital boardwalk Fisherman’s Bend.

Exploring an architecture that may live in the connection between opposing architectural programs, agendas and intersecting typologies and a brief which is embedded in a strategic alliance between art and commerce. The idea is to re-think the form and image of the mini tower and the horizontal boardwalk.

Brief: The concept behind this studio is to design a tower, which will house the ASX (now known as the Australian Securities Exchange). The tower will have extra office floors for brokerage firms (such as Goldman and Sachs, Morgans, Merryl Lynch etc), and a non-profit Art Complex with Art studios intersected with a boardwalk and a mooring for boats (particularly for special events).

Site: Fisherman’s Bend, Melbourne. The redevelopment of Fisherman’s Bend is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects. The approximately 250-hectare area is expected to become home to 80,000 residents and 40,000 high-productivity jobs over the next 30 to 50 years

The cross- or intersecting axis of the hybrid program shall also cross examine and test the ‘opposites’ or ‘contrasts’ within the program combination including society’s notions of these opposing programs. Art Vs Money, Nature Vs Culture etc.

Inquiry: Throughout the studio students shall explore (rigorously) new readings and form making via investigating the juxtapositions of traditional opposites in design. The hybrid program will develop from guided formal investigations.

Student interpretations shall give form to ‘new’ forms and spatial orders which will investigate an architecture outcome which may transform this urban location.

The studio shall explore a growing connectivity between creative disciplines and architectural design. The studio shall be led by Anna Nervegna and Toby Reed.

Nervegna Reed Architecture is an award winning Architectural design firm working at the intersection between architecture, art and media. Anna Nervegna has also been the recipient of the Gertrude Art Spaces studio for two years and awarded an Australia Arts Council grant to conduct research practice in Milan Italy. She has also been a board member of the Gertrude Art Spaces for 10 years.

Anna Nervegna
ARC 2001/3001 Mondays: 2-5pm, Thursdays 2-5pm

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