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In July 2012 the Interface carpet tile factory in New South Wales was destroyed by fire. Famously, after reading Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce, Interface president and founder Ray Anderson remade his business, by applying ecological thinking to the manufacturing process. He altered each component of the manufacturing process, from dyes to binding agents to fibres, to evolve the business into a non-polluting and self-sustaining enterprise. Today, each Interface carpet tile is imprinted with a phone number for recycling and replacement. Interface envisions eliminating all negative effects of their business on the environment by 2020, and making carpet manufacturing an entirely closed-loop process which uses no new materials.

At their new factory in Minto, New South Wales, Interface has centralised their factory, testing, warehouse, engineering, management, administration and finance, information technology, and supply chain at a single location. This has presented new possibilities for cross- pollination between workers from different aspects of the operation.

This studio will examine three aspects of the workplace: the cafeteria (EAT), the meeting room (MEET), and the entry (GREET). In designing each, we will consider:

• How can architecture foster dialogue and exchange in the workplace?
• How can architecture communicate a company ethos, not only to the outside world, but to itself?
• How can design effect action?

How does the workplace cafeteria become a vital, social place for the exchange of ideas? How does it provide a comfortable place for dialogue, but also the opportunity for solitude? How does it embody ecological principles?

What is meeting in the modern workplace? What are the differences between meeting and having a meeting? How can design facilitate both?

What is the presence of the workplace in the community? How does the workplace identify itself? How does it express its values? How does it communicate what it does?

A studio with:
Dr John Stanislav Sadar + Interface + guests
S1-2014 M 13:30-16:30, 17:00-20:00

Image: Charlie Chaplin. Modern Times (1936)

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