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Deployable is a counter-factual design workshop which provides bespoke digitally fabricated dream houses to clients, casting the designer as central to negotiating sustainability and affordability issues. The project shifts the focus from architecture as space, instead pursuing iterations of the dwelling as adaptable articulations of client desires, each manifested as an arrangement of oneric elements.

Functioning as a driver for novel forms of creativity, Deployable embraces advancements in digital fabrication, creating exotic and surprising material combinations and proposes that these technologies can free us from current housing ‘affordability crisis’ and allow sustainable and aesthetically rich ‘dream houses’ to once again affect joy, delight and wonder in us, and re-images the potential qualities of ‘dwelling’.

Undertaking my Postgraduate studies in Architectural Design in 2014.

My particular interests are Deployable Architecture and Biomimetics.

I also spend a fair bit of time on interdisciplinary works of Digital Art, Industrial Design and various 3D printed media.

Besides all that, I'm actually not so bad.

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