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The studio will investigate the relationship between the city and the Yarra River in Melbourne. The studio will produce a series of quick, focused design projects along the river culminating in a final project that engages specifically with issues of river pollution. This multi-project format aims to expose students to a wide range of urban conditions along the river while learning to be nimble and responsive designers, prioritising the development and communication of ideas and concepts. Additional to this, each project will be paired with a particular design communication mode to build on and enhance students’ representational skills, both in terms of process as well as presentation.

This studio feeds into a multi-disciplinary initiative called ‘Birrarung’ curated by Maudie Palmer that seeks to facilitate a series of creative projects that enhance awareness of, and re-connect people to, the Yarra River and its related waters. This studio will ultimately further students understanding of the Yarra River from historical, cultural and environmental perspectives.

The studio will involve site visits and other external activities along the river. Artist Kit Wise will also take part of the teaching team for the studio.

The Studio will run
MONDAY - 14:00 > 17:00
THURSDAY - 14:00 > 17:00
with Ross Brewin


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