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The Melbourne Section is a design-research studio in collaboration with Ass. Prof. Milica Topalovic from the Future Cites Laboratory in Singapore (ETH-Zürich).

The urban analyses on Melbourne’s current urban condition – a conceptual section drawn from the CBD across the suburbs until the outskirts and hinterlands – form the starting point of this semester’s speculation. We will develop future visions on how Melbourne could develop from territorial to architectural scale and address the following questions:

- What is the role of economy, politics, and immigration in the development of urban growth?
- Which potentials and challenges will Melbourne face?
- Which scenarios of urban development could occur?
- What are future forms of living and how could they evolve?
- How could density develop within Melbourne’s section?

Students will develop exemplary mixed-use projects with a core of housing in key areas of The Melbourne Section. These combined interventions will exemplify developed scenarios and leverage the discovered potentials for development. The projects will respond specifically to their neighborhoods, but be thought as generic high-density models for similar urban conditions.

The studio will operate at different scales: from regional-metropolitan scale, via the local-urban context to the site-specific architectural scale. Thus students will learn to strategically cross-connect territorial-, urban-, and architectural-design thinking to develop an understanding for their interdependencies as well as knowledge of invisible factors driving urban settlement patterns.

The studio will imply group work in different constellations.

design studio ARC4002
Mondays+Thursdays 2-5 PM

The Melbourne Section (studio)
Robert Rosamilia and Tim Cox

The Melbourne Section (studio)
The Melbourne Section (studio)

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