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Through this architectural design studio, Monash Architecture Studio (MAS) is inviting students to be involved in a live research project funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI). The studio will explore the regeneration of middle suburban areas of Melbourne, with a primary focus on housing renewal and intensification. Key areas of intervention will be in Reservoir/Preston and Hampton/ Hampton East.

The studio will seek to demonstrate how change can occur through a process of urban repair, developing strategies tailored to existing physical realities and urban ecosystems. Design research and investigation will work across programs and scales – from affordable housing to complimentary non-residential uses; from the urban to the individual dwelling. The work will identify opportunities that emerge from the integrated consideration of these disparate elements. Both real and speculative, our work will explore the role of architecture in responding to critical urban questions around the future of our suburbs.

The curriculum will include extensive field work (i.e. on site research and production), and presentation/engagement at live community forums. Students will be given the opportunity to engage with real communities, sites and local governments, as well as benefiting from discussion and critique with an range of other influential groups including the Office of the Victoria Government Architect, sustainable urbanism expert Professor Peter Newton from the Institute for Social
Research at Swinburne University, as well as MAS research directors and staff.

To be part of this research-led studio, you must be prepared to travel/work in location for components of the semester and attend all engagement events. The first half of the semester will be directed towards a provocative, but carefully managed, public presentation. Following this students will have freedom to pursue their own lines of interest. Considered as a group research project with individual outcomes, the studio work will be edited and compiled for possible inclusion in future research publications by MAS.


Monash Architecture Studio (MAS) is the architecture department’s in-house research office. We conduct focused and systematic research into urban conditions and the development of built solutions that engage with a wide range of difficult issues - social, political, economic and environmental. MAS research is interdisciplinary and collaborative, involving government agencies, the development industry, the professional design community and academics from Monash and other institutions coming together to work on applied and speculative projects.


ARC4002 Advanced Architectural Design Studio 2
Semester 2 - 2013
Mondays & Thursdays 10am - 1pm
Research Meeting Room: F3.09

Studio Leaders:
Nigel Bertram (Architecture Practice Professor)
Lee-Anne Khor (Senior Researcher)
Deborah Rowe, Byron Meyer (Research Assistants)

Suburban Futures
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Suburban Futures
Suburban Futures

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